Covid Protocols

To be safe and make everyone feel comfortable, we ask the following: 

Before you attend:  

Please follow guidance from the Kitsap Public Health District and Centers for Disease Control in deciding whether to attend Mom’s Morning Retreat.  If you (or your child) have any symptoms or doubts, please stay home.

The following links provide detail about COVID-19 symptoms, protocols if positive, close contact with someone positive, and current prevention efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These are continuously updated, so please check regularly.

When you attend:

  • Anyone aged 2 and up should wear a mask (we are still requesting masks even though the Indoor mask mandate has been lifted to be aligned with protocols at our meeting place).  Please note, our facilitator may choose to unmask while speaking.
  • No food or beverage will be served during meetings. You may bring a water bottle or coffee/tea with you to enjoy during the meeting.
  • No drinks or snacks will be provided in childcare areas during the meeting.
  • Please maintain social distancing as much as possible.  Feel free to move your chair to feel most comfortable.
  • Meeting sign-in must be completed for you and your child (ren) attending for contact tracing purposes should it be needed.

Behind the scenes:

  • Childcare providers are vaccinated and wearing masks while caring for children during the meeting.
  • Used surfaces and well-loved toys will be wiped down and washed.
  • Some windows and doors will be propped open when possible for greater air flow.